Kolhapuri Misal Premix


🌶️ Embark on a Spicy Culinary Journey with Our Kolhapuri Misal Premix!

Introducing the fiery essence of Kolhapuri cuisine to your home kitchen with our Kolhapuri Misal Premix. Immerse yourself in the bold flavors and aromatic spices that characterize this iconic dish, and experience the authentic taste of Misal Pav without the complexity. Elevate your dining experience with the perfect blend of convenience and tradition.

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Key Features:

  • Kolhapuri Spice Extravaganza: Delight in the intense, authentic spice blend that defines the unique taste of Kolhapuri Misal.
  • Versatile Ingredients: Our premix includes a medley of legumes and spices, offering a wholesome and fulfilling experience.
  • Easy Preparation: Enjoy the bold flavors of Misal Pav without the lengthy cooking process. Our premix ensures a quick and hassle-free preparation.
  • Customizable Heat Level: Adjust the spice intensity to your liking, making it suitable for spice enthusiasts and those seeking a milder experience.

🍲 How to Relish the Spice:

  1. Boil and Simmer: Mix our premix with water and boil until the sprouts and legumes are tender.
  2. Adjust Spice: Customize the heat level by adding more or less spice mix according to your preference.
  3. Serve with Love: Ladle the spicy concoction over pav (bread), and garnish with chopped onions, coriander, and a squeeze of lime.

🍽️ Craft the Perfect Misal Experience: Whether you’re a culinary adventurer or someone seeking the authentic taste of Kolhapuri Misal, our premix guarantees a flavorful journey. Bring the spice of Kolhapur to your table and share the joy of this iconic dish with friends and family.

Spice up your meals with our Kolhapuri Misal Premix. Order now and experience the bold, fiery flavors that define this Maharashtrian classic! 🔥🍲


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